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Dark Expanse – Have you captured a planet today?
A F2P Browser Based MMO RTS Space Game
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Planet Production Interface for InfrastructureIn System Fleet Operational User InterfaceOut System Fleet Operational User Interface

Dark Expanse© is a browser based, free-to-play, real-time, massive multi-player online strategy game of galactic conquest. Local commanders develop their resources, improve their planets, colonize new worlds, research new technologies and build space fleets while defending their territory and conquering enemy worlds. Choose your friends and allies carefully because mutual offensive, defensive and navigational capabilities can be achieved through combining forces with other commanders.
  • 20,000 Players Can Play for Free
  • 80,000 Stars and Over 200,000 Planets
  • 3 Dimensional Dynamic Universe
  • 8 Racial Types
  • 7 Government Types
  • 15 Ship Types
  • 22 Mission Types with 4 Levels of Mission Commitment
  • Persistent Combat Damage
  • Perform Individual Ship and Planetary Defense Base Maintenance
  • Form Federations to Expand Galactic Travel Routes